Return true if:

  • There is at least one handler matching this event data ( at least one handler's callback function will be invoked if the data is posted. )

  • There is at least one handler that will be detached if the event data is posted.

const evtText = new Evt<string>();

Handle the text starting with 'h'.
Ignore all other text, when a text starting with 'g'
is posted the handler is detached
    text=> text.startsWith("h") ? 
        [ text ] : 
        text.startsWith("g") ? "DETACH" : null,
    text=> {/* do something with the text */}

//"true", start with 'h'
    evtText.isHandled("hello world")

//"false", do not start with 'h' or 'g'
    evtText.isHandled("foo bar")

//"true", not matched but will cause the handler to be detached if posted
    evtText.isHandled("goodby world")

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